Supporter Choices

The principal investment options include Grants, Benefaction, Sponsorship, Loans and Investments.

These will each be solicited, negotiated and agreed individually.

Each can be eligible for earning potentials with options to share those earnings.

Another earning-potentials category embraces wider promotional options.

Within this category, individuals and organizations can both promote and earn exponentially.

As with all earning potentials, options will exist as to how earnings are distributed.

They will include sharing with individuals and/or organisations across a broad spectrum.

That spectrum will include charitable arrangements both formal and otherwise.

Those expressing interest can be informed, as can those who register with the project.

Actually taking part will require a level of active membership.

Membership can be for specific areas of the project, and/or a selected Cause.

On the other hand, membership can be across the spectrum of the project.

In each instance, members will be able to select the level at which to participate.

They will also have the option to change their level of participation.

As with the 'Interest' and 'Registered' levels, 'Membership' is open to other options.

These will include for individuals, groups and/or organizations.

In each instance, degrees of flexibility will exist as options and opportunities change.

Those changes can be within the project, or according to individual needs.

Importantly, this flexibility will remain as earning-potentials change.

This can be for actual individuals, and/or groups or organizations.

Please select between the following options:

To 'Express Interest'.

To 'Register'.

For 'Active Membership'.

Other specific starting points include for:

The Founder: 'Derek Whittall'

To: 'Explore' the Project.

To the: 'Consultancies'.


For the widest selection of initial Start-points to this unique initiative, please select: 'Key Links'.