Initial Offers

The foundational infrastructure to this unique initiative is a part of Derek's contributions.

Likewise, origination of the Core output.

Delivering an early-stage UK launch in 2022 is yet-another of his ideals.

Provisioning for global scale continues to be the ultimate goal.

This includes at both a 'grass-roots' level and across benign Leadership.

Most facets of support will include options for meaningful earnings.

Across a range of options, those earnings can be retained by the specific supporter.

On the other hand, some or all earnings can be apportioned to benign Causes.

Each step forward needs additional resources, modest at early stages but then increasingly.

In addition to existing Benefactor help, 'H4a-Boost' is another supporter facility.

Whilst 'Supporter' options are being evolved, the initial framework can be perused Here

The above link will be up-dated on a regular basis.

In the interim, other Supporter options include:

Benefaction, Grants, Sponsorship, Loans and Investments.

Another option is the proceeds from the sale of unwanted items.

This option will expand as the lead-up to the Launch gains momentum.

Further options will include the scope to promote the project in multiple environments.

All options will provide scope for Supporter earnings on an exponential basis.

Those earnings can be apportioned according to the choices that individual Supporters make.

They do include retention by themselves, to other recipients, charitable or otherwise.

To progress your Supporter interest, the following are your initial choices:

To directly help the founding process: 'Active Help'.

To 'Register' initial interest.

To pursue 'Membership' options.

Other initial areas of potential interest include:

The founder's 'Contributing' facilities

To introduce 'The Consultancies'.

To access the founder's 'Help or Be Helped' area.

Additional options 'To Explore'

For other initial Contact

For the widest selection of initial start-points, please select: 'Key Links'.

You can start at, or return to, the beginning of this 'thread' at 'H4a' and/or return to ''.